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Thank you for visiting our BLOG where we post information about The Reel Interest, our Crew and our adventures.  During the offshore fishing season in Charleston we will be posting trip reports and photos of our charters.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our posts, and that you will join us aboard The Reel Interest for a deep sea fishing trip.

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22nd Annual Sheepshead Tournament

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/18/14

22nd Annual Sheepshead Tournament
Sponsored by the Charleston Inshore Anglers

Saturday April 26th, 2014, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM
$30.00 Entry Fee Per Angler (Includes a Tournament T-shirt)
Active Duty Military $20.00 (ID required)
1st Place Sheepshead

2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
$500.00 $200.00 $125.00

5th Place 6th-10th Place
$75.00 $50.00

Based on 140 Anglers at 80% payback* (20% will be donated to local charity)
Prize money will increase or decrease based on the number of anglers
*Minus $10.00 each entry for tournament expenses.
Bonus Prize: $50.00 for Largest Dogfish
Youth (under 16): 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

Weigh-in at Cha Cha?s Tequila Bar 1409 Folly Road
From 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM
Fish arriving later than 5:00 PM will not be weighed in
Each angler may only weigh-in one fish
In case of a tie, first fish weighed in will win
Registration and Captain?s meeting will be on Thursday April 24th at
Cha Cha?s Tequila Bar 1409 Folly Road.
Registration 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM.
Captain?s meeting and raffles to follow registration.
(Free food and a raffle for items donated by local sponsors will be available)

For further information, call:
Kevin Mischke 324-1006, Nick Kvestad 557-2811, or Gene Broderick at 224-6826

Catch and Release Fishing......An Alternative

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/18/14

Release your fish - make a positive impact in the conservation of our natural resources. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources seeks the assistance of saltwater anglers concerned about our game fish stocks. Anglers are urged to release their fish to help ensure future fishing opportunities.

Anglers intent on releasing fish should minimize handling and carefully remove the hook or cut the line close to the hook. Grasping the hook with pliers or a similar tool is usually quicker and less damaging to the fish. An exhausted fish should be revived by moving it both forward and backwards through the water until it is able to swim off.

Anglers wishing to tag and release fish should contact the Marine Game Fish Tagging Program. Tagging kits are free, and include tags, tag applicator and a brochure describing the program guidelines, instructions on handling, tagging, and releasing fish. A list of priority species for tagging is also included. After a tagged fish is recaptured, both the angler making the recapture and the angler who initially tagged the fish, will be provided a catch history of that fish. Anglers who report a tag recapture receive a reward. Please re-release fish when possible and report the tag number, size of the fish, capture date, location, and angler address.  Invest in the future of your sport, practice catch and release. For more information contact:

Marine Game Fish Tagging Program
P.O. Box 12559
Charleston, SC 29422-2559
(843) 953-9363

Information & Rules Concerning State Saltwater Game Fish Records

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/18/14

Anglers whose fish have been verified as new state records or ties with existing records will receive certificates acknowledging their state records. Only the names of anglers establishing a new record will be published in the official list of state records. Fish names used in this program are those recognized by the American Fisheries Society as a standard for the species.

  1. Record fish must be caught using conventional rod and reel, and the fish must be hooked and played by one person only. Fish which are shot, harpooned, gigged, caught on electric reels, or in any unsportsmanlike manner shall be ineligible for record status.
  2. Only all-tackle records are maintained. Tackle size is not a consideration for state records.
  3. Record fish must be caught in accordance with all state and federal laws. Fish from hatchery waters, sanctuaries, or cultured in any way are ineligible. Boats fishing offshore must depart and return to South Carolina waters without entering any other state’s or nation’s port.
  4. To establish a new state record, the following weight requirements must be met:
    1. A fish weighing less than fifty (50) pounds must exceed the old record by four (4) ounces to be regarded as a new record. A weight difference of less than four ounces will result in a tie.
    2. A fish weighing fifty (50) pounds, but not exceeding 100 pounds, must exceed the old record by eight (8) ounces to be regarded as a new record. A weight difference of less than eight ounces will result in a tie.
    3. A fish weighing more than 100 pounds must exceed the old record by sixteen (16) ounces to be recognized as a new record. A weight difference of less than sixteen ounces will result in a tie. These weight requirements are based on the existing record with no consideration given to subsequent ties which may be slightly heavier.
  5. Estimated weights are not acceptable. All fish must be weighed on state-certified scales, and the weight must be verified by two witnesses not associated with the catch of the fish.
  6. All entries must be inspected and verified by a marine fisheries biologist of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Report your catch to:

State Record Marine Game Fish Program
P.O. Box 12559
Charleston, S.C. 29422-2559
(843) 953-9365

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to refuse any questionable entry. The decision of the State Record Marine Gamefish Committee is final. In the event a state marine fisheries biologist is not available, the fish should be frozen or otherwise preserved intact until a biologist can be contacted.

2014 Governor's Cup Participating Tournaments

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/16/14

May 13 – 17
Phone: 757-287-4932

July 9 – 12
Phone: 252-996-0618

May 23 – 25
Phone: 252-732-5402

July 17 – 19
Phone: 252-808-2286

May 29 – June 1
Wrightsville Beach
Phone: 910-686-9778

July 24 – 26
Morehead City
Phone: 252-814-4896
June 6 – 14
Morehead City
Phone: 252-247-3575
August 11 – 15
Phone: 800-367-4728

N.C. Governor's Cup Billfishing Conservation Series
Randy Gregory, PO Box 769, Morehead City, NC 28557
252-726-7021 or 800-682-2632


by Captain Steve Smith on 04/16/14


South Carolina Governor's Cup Billfishing Series

The S.C. Governor's Cup Billfishing Series is an official program of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources in cooperation with the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism, and the Harry R.E. Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund. Additional funding is provided through contributions of its Sponsors.

Welcome to the North Carolina Governor’s Cup Billfishing Conservation Series! The North Carolina Governor’s Cup Billfishing Conservation Series is an annual sportfishing series operating cooperatively with eight major billfish tournaments held along the Tar Heel coast.

The Series, managed by the Division of Marine Fisheries promotes conservation, protection, and preservation of our marine resources. Participating boats or teams are awarded Series points for billfish caught and released and for billfish taken which met tournament minimum size requirements. Penalty points are assessed for undersized fish taken, the emphasis being on fish released.

Trophies are awarded to boats with the most points in both the “Private Boat” and “Charter Boat” categories. Individual awards are given to the outstanding junior boy, outstanding junior girl and lady anglers. In addition, trophies are awarded for the largest blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dolphin.

22nd Annual Florence County Sheriff's Fishing tournament to raise money for Summer Camp

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/16/14

Kids of all ages are invited to participate in the 22nd Annual Florence County Sheriff's Fishing tournament Saturday, May 17. It takes place at John C. Land Landing located at Santee Cooper Lakes. Registration is from 5 a.m. until 10 a.m.

Weigh in takes place between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. All kids 12 and under registered by May 12 are guaranteed a prize and kids under the age of 12 fish for free when accompanied by a full paying adult.

Registration fee is $25 and t-shirts are $10.  There are three age divisions: children 10 and under, ages 11 – 17, and then adults 18 plus.  There's a cook-out the night before the fishing tournament at 6:30 p.m. at John C. Land Landing.

Get ready to catch bass, bream, catfish, crappie and striped bass. Call 843-665-2121 ext 339 for more information.  Proceeds go towards Florence County Sheriff's summer camp program.

Charleston Fishing Report

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/16/14

Spottail bass: Good.   Haddrell’s Point (843-881-3644) reports that redfish are starting to break out of their large winter schools and scatter into smaller pods of fish.  This means that anglers can start to target the fish around structure and under docks much like during the summer months.

Trout: Good.   Haddrell’s Point  reports that trout reports have been gradually increasing, and while numbers have not been that impressive (numerous reports of 6-10 fish per trip) some really nice 18-22 inch fish have been caught.

Folly Beach Pier (843-588-3474) reports that some whiting and black drum have been caught off the pier recently, in addition to sharks and stingrays.

Offshore: Haddrell’s Point reports that trolling reports are on the upswing with blackfin tuna and wahoo being caught at the ledge, especially along the southwest banks and outcrop areas. 

Cedar plugs and small-skirted ballyhoo fished 100-200 yards behind the boat are good bets for blackfin.  Many wahoo are being caught while targeting tuna, but high-speed trolling along the ledge with Black Bart San Sal Candy lures, Braid speedsters, and Iland lures rigged with a heavy weighted skirt underneath has produced some of the bigger fish.

Lake Monticello Fishing Report

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/16/14

Catfish:  Fair.  Captain Chris Simpson reports that the big fish bite on Lake Monticello has yet to turn on well, but historically late April and May are very good months and hopefully that will also be true this year. 

Right now the best bet is to fish in shallow water with deep water nearby, such as around humps with a sharp drop into deep water on one side, or off slowly tapering points that all of a sudden drop off. 

5-35 feet is often the most productive depth for all sizes of fish, and often the bigger fish will come from the areas closer to the drops into deeper water. 

Anchoring in those areas is the best bet right now as it lets the bait sit in front of the fish for longer as they travel up and down across the depth changes.  Cut gizzard shad and white perch will generate fewer but bigger bites, while herring will generate more action but lots of nuisance bites from small fish if you are targeting big ones.

April 11th Fishing Report

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/15/14

We finally had a break in offshore conditions on a weekend that allowed us to go fishing!  Took a great group of guys 55 miles out to the Gulf Stream to the Outcrop on one of the nicest days we have ever fished- the ocean was like a bathtub.

The group wanted to target Wahoo so mate Tony rigged up accordingly.  My little buddy Isacc (2nd grade) was the first in the chair and landed his first Wahoo- all by himself!  We brought in two more in the morning ranging from 35 to 55lbs. 

We lost a monster near the boat when it bit through a 7 strand wire leader, and lost another at the boat when one of our fisherman wanted to take a "stab" at gaffing and, well- let's just call it operator error.......  

We had hoped to find some blackfin but only one was caught all day near us.  There were reports of Mahi being caught to the south so they should be near over the next week or two.

Join us for a fun day of fishing aboard the Reel Interest by calling 843.278.1861 or visiting our website.

Welcome to Charleston Crab Shacks

by Captain Steve Smith on 04/14/14

Welcome to Charleston Crab Shacks. "One of the 10 Best Seafood Spots in South Carolina." - Southern Living Magazine, September 2012. 

We offer overflowing buckets of fresh, local seafood, smiling faces, and cheap to boot! The Crab Shacks have the best fried fish, succulent crab legs and big, big baskets of shrimp.

Come on in and roll up your sleeves for one shell of a good deal!Charleston Seafood at its best

Lunch and dinner served 7 days a week at all three locally-owned Charleston restaurant locations. We believe in serving with passion, creating value and building relationships.

We offer a simple menu of fresh, affordable, local products - and we just happen to serve the best seafood in Charleston.

Superior Quality & Sustainable Products

We are very proud of the time and effort we dedicate towards purchasing the highest quality products available. One of our primary objectives is to serve you superior food that is raised, caught or grown in the immediate area, and to continuously source sustainable food producers and farmers.

Our Local Business Partners

Adluh Mills Stone Ground Grits
Columbia S.C.

Amick Farms Fresh Chicken Breast
Batesburg S.C.

Backman’s Seafood Local Oysters
Folly Beach S.C.


Birney’s BBQ Smoked Pork & Ribs
Monks Corner S.C.

Carolina Gold Shrimp
Georgetown S.C.

Crosby’s Seafood Fresh Seafood
Folly Beach S.C.

House - Autry Custom Seafood Breading
Four Oaks N.C.

Island Tomato Growers Tomatoes
Johns Island S.C.


Limehouse Produce Farm Fresh Produce
Charleston S.C.

North Coast Fisheries Fresh Fish
East Coast USA

Walter Rawls Farm Farm Fresh Vegetables
Pelion S.C.

Yon Family Farms Certified Angus Beef
Ridge Spring S.C.